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(My most recent visits are shown first. Each photo is a link which will take you to a larger version of the photo.)

I love visitors! When I was a youngster, lots of people came to see me, but now that I'm older, sometimes I'm the visitor.

Here is a gallery of who I've gone to visit ...

Libby with Jennifer and Scott Ross Jennifer and Scott Ross invited us over for dinner. Jennifer is a great cook as well as a big Teddy Bear fan, so after a greal meal I showed off part of my collection. It was a good trade!

My first long trip for a visit was to Aunt Laurie's house for Thanksgiving. I've gone back several times since. This photograph is from when Mom and I went to visit for Cousin Katie's seventh birthday.

Quilting Bee at Aunt Faye's house Other than going to see the doctor, my first real visit was to Aunt Faye's house for a quilting bee.

My very first visit was to see Dr. Kenney. She's nice, but her nurses keep poking me with sharp needles. Ouch! This photo is from a more recent visit. with Dr. Monica Kenney

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