Libby's Photos: First Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Dad drove Mom and me to Aunt Laurie's house for Thanksgiving, my first road-trip. Once we arrived, Dad helped Aunt Laurie put the finishing touches on the meal by making the gravy. Then, they set out a buffet so everyone (well, almost everyone) could help themselves.

With plates full, Mom, Dad, and I, Cousins Katie and Erik, and Uncle Shawn settled in with loaded plates while Aunt Laurie took a picture of the festive setting. I waited until the next morning to try it, with some help from Mom and then Uncle Shawn.

After a big meal of turkey-fed milk, I was feeling as stuffed as the turkey had been the day before. Aunt Laurie helped ease my digestive pains while Dad worked on setting up her new web site and Mom worked on my lunch ... ... and then Aunt Laurie helped me with some additional effects of the big meal.

Swing Time

Aunt Laurie got me a swing! (She's a really great aunt. :-))

Shrimp and a Barbie

While I was trying out my new swing, Katie introduced me to two of her Barbie dolls.

Don't Bug Me

Katie had brought home a bit of a bug from school (whatever that is), so Mom wanted her to be careful around me so I didn't get sick. She complied with a smile!

Saturday Wakeup (and Payback!)

After the long drive and then a big meal on Thursday, Mom and Dad were tired and wanted to sleep in a bit on Friday, but Katie and Erik jumped on their bed to wake them up. Saturday morning, Mom suggested to Dad that he return the "favor" so he did, much to Katie's dismay. Checka even joined the fray!

Alas, soon after that it was time to load up the car and begin the long, long journey home. (That story is in my travelogue.) Both visits with my cousins have been fun (Erik was there too, even though Katie hogged the camera time) and I'm looking forward to many more in the future.

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