Libby's First Christmas: Christmas Day

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21st Century Christmas: Telecommuting

Christmas Day arrived at last, and we started the day by calling Aunt Laurie so we could open presents with her, Uncle Shawn, and Cousins Katie and Erik. They gave me some great toys as well as a Minnie Mouse outfit and some books to read as I'm learning how.
Mom and I with presents from The Jacobys
Dad and I with MelodyBee It's a good thing we were on the phone, as Dad was having a really bad-hair morning! He's good at holding me, though, and showed me how to play my new Melody Bee.

Glow Worm

I haven't met Uncle Doug and Aunt Carrie yet, but they sent me a really cute toy -- a musical Glow Worm! She sings and glows and makes me smile.
Glow Worm

Madame Alexander Doll

Madame Alexander Doll

Aunt Charlotte gave me a really pretty Madame Alexander doll. I tried dancing with her, but it's difficult when you haven't even learned how to stand yet.
Libby dancing with her Madame Alexander Doll

Uncle Steve was coming over for brunch, and I was getting tired from all the excitement, so we paused to allow me to take a nap while Mom and Dad got cleaned up and dressed. Thankfully, Dad had brushed his hair by the time I woke up so he didn't scare me again.

Cousins Michael and Laura

After brunch, with Mom and Dad now being presentable, we returned to the presents. My cousins Michael and Laura, who live near Atlanta, sent a nice picture of the two of them in baseball uniforms, and two ornaments that they had made. I know about ornaments but need to learn about this baseball thing. There's the problem of first learning how to walk, though.
Ornaments from Cousins Michael and Laura Ornaments from Cousins Michael and Laura

With Uncle Steve and bears

Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve gave me several nice Teddy Bears, a snuggly one with "Libby's Bear" on his sweater and Ernest, who will do a high-wire act over my room.

He claims kids should be sent off to a boarding school until they're 35, but I know he's really a softie because he plays with me and my toys.

With Uncle Steve and bears

Aunt Karie's Pooh and Piglet

Pooh and Piglet

Aunt Karie, Michael and Laura's Mom, made this Piglet and Winnie-the-Pooh for me! Aren't they amazing? Piglet says, "Ouch, that's my eye!"
Aunt Karie's Pooh and Piglet -- ouch, says Piglet!

Letter Box

Aunt Cathie and Uncle George gave me this box of books for each letter of the alphabet ... whatever an alphabet is!
Box of Letters Sesame Street music box

Sesame Sir

Grandpa Sir and Rosa sent me a Sesame Steet musicbox, featuring a pop-up Oscar, Elmo, Ernie, and Cookie Monster.

Piglet forgave me


Piglet forgave me for the accidental poke in the eye. I think we're going to be good friends!

Worn-Out Libby

Christmas was a big day, and I was still tired the next day. (Dad said something about it being Boxing Day, but I was too tired to care.)
Worn-out Libby the next day

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