Libby's First Christmas: Christmas Eve

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in the kitchen

Christmas Eve Dinner

Aunt Tina and Uncle Marty came for dinner on Christmas Eve -- a turkey dinner, with all the trimmings. Dad got up early to get it all started, then Mom and I came in to supervise. Uncle Marty was taking pictures and forgot to take any of Aunt Tina!  :-(

family portrait

Libby during dinner During dinner, I slept, then reclined in Mom's arms. I'll have dinner later, right Mom?

All Presents Accounted For!

People must think I'm awfully special -- they gave me so many presents, I was almost lost amongst them, and this doesn't even include what Santa Claus brought after I went to sleep!
Libby, lost in presents

Christmas Eve Presents

Aunt Tina and Uncle Marty wanted me to open their present while they were here. They gave me a wonderful, big, snuggly teddy bear! Mom really likes him ...
Mom with my teddy bear
... but eventually she let
me give him a test snuggle.

Libby snuggles with her teddy bear

Ornament from Aunt Tina and Uncle Marty
Libby and her teddy bear -- who is bigger?

He is almost as big as I am!

They also gave me a Christmas ornament with "my" year on it. It's shaped like a shoe, so Dad hung it from my foot. I think he's taking the Libby Tree idea a bit too far!

Kristmas Karols for Kazoo

Kristmas Karols for Kazoo

After dinner and gifts, Uncle Marty serenaded me on a kazoo.

Christmas Eve Mass

Mom, Dad, and I went to an early church service, which finished with everyone singing Silent Night by candlelight. I was tired by the time we got home!
after church

Christmas stockings

Final Preparations

Mom and Dad made sure the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. We all said goodnight to our tree, then snuggled off to bed so we were ready for the big day.
Our Christmas Tree

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