Missy: Green Ball

Green Ball

Green Ball

by Karl L. Swartz

Funny green ball
Or tennis ball
I love to chaseth thee
Or stalk a squirrel
Her tail a-twirl
And chase her up a tree

Upon that wire
I gaze with ire
Intent with urge to fly
That's not a rat
I'm looking at
But Boeing in the sky

My dinner kibble
I do not nibble
But devour it with glee
My humans eat
On table, seat
My muzzle at their knee

Lay down to sleep
Without a peep
I pass a little gas
My people run
My gas they shun
Their noses I harass

At break of dawn
When humans yawn
I grab a toy—get up now!
Parade, so proud
I'm very loud
I moo just like a cow

A walk in rain
It's not a pain
But after by the fire
I seem to rest
So little zest
Yet tail forms quite a gyre

The water flows
A wetter nose
My body's wet and soapy
But then I'm dry
With gleaming eye
I'm hardly ever mopey

But then one day
I'm sad to say
I'm off a little smidge
My heart's last beat
Some day we'll meet
Beyond the rainbow bridge

Don't cry for me
Life's good you see
I've given it my all
No love I lack
From squirrel black
To chasing my green ball

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