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I was a three-year old Golden girl (as of 15 July) when I came to live with Libby and her family on 29 June 2008. Many thanks to NORCAL Golden Retriever Rescue for helping me find them! I miss living with my brother, Luke, but my new home doesn't have cats so I can live inside with all the comforts that a Golden Retriever deserves. The yard has a big fence so when I'm outside I won't be tempted to go hitch-hiking.

My puppy portrait

Snuggling with my brother Luke

Making a new friend on the ride home

Jumping for a ball!

Missy died far too young, at barely 9.5 years of age, after a short fight with lymphoma. Here are two photos of her in her last several weeks:

Feeling better a day after diagnosis

Throw the ball already!

One of my favorite toys was an oddly shaped green ball, a KONG Squeezz Ball. During my last hours, my head in Dad's lap, he wrote Green Ball between reading me dog stories.

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