QED (Quilting Engineering Divas) Productions

The Quilting Engineering Divas are a group of lady engineers (well, the original group was all engineers) who are also expert quilters. In addition to providing moral support and lots of advice (and occasionally basting help!) to each other for individual quilting projects, they sometimes band together for a group effort, or often a [group minus 1] effort in honor of a special event for the omitted member such as a wedding, becoming a mother, or a significant birthday.

The photos are links which will take you to details of the quilts.

Quilt for Grace's Baby Raymond

Quilt for Grace's Baby Raymond

(October 2003)

Kelli and Craig's
Wedding Pillows

(October 2003)
Kelli and Craig's Wedding Pillows

Selina Fong's Quilt Top

Selina Fong's
Quilt Top

(August 2003)

Tristan Colson's
   Birthday Quilt

(August 2003)
Tristan Colson's Birthday Quilt

Carmen Garcia's Birthday Quilt

Carmen Garcia's
Birthday Quilt

(May 2003)

Kelli Howard's
   Birthday Quilt

(November 2002)
Kelli Howard's Birthday Quilt

blue-edged quilt for the Kurpanek twins

Baby Quilts for
The Kurpanek Twins

(April 2002)
green-edged quilt for the Kurpanek twins

Libby's Pooh Quilt

Libby's Pooh Quilt

(August 2001)
Libby's Pooh Quilt (back)

Hearts and Stars, Too

Hearts and Stars, Too

(August 2001)

Hearts and Stars Forever

(July 2000)   Third Place (San Mateo County Fair)
Hearts and Stars Forever

Faye's Round Robin Quilt

Round Robin Quilts

For of these these quilts, one person made the center, then each person in the the group added to it, and finally the original center creator did the quilting and kept the final quilt. See if you can find the one common fabric used in each quilt.

(August 1998)

Laurie's Round Robin Quilt
Kathy's Round Robin Quilt
Honorable Mention (Marin Quilt & Needle Arts Show)
Grace's Round Robin Quilt Pam's Round Robin Quilt

Tony the Tiger

(June 1998)
Tony the Tiger

Faye and Dietmar's Wedding Quilt

Faye and Dietmar's
Wedding Quilt

(June 1998)

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