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Michael's Pillow (front)

While my nephew Michael was visiting, he announced that he wanted a pillow to go with his quilt. The quilt has a shark, so he wanted something different - a Hawaiian fish called a "humma humma something." To his amazement, I replied, "Oh, a humuhumunukunukuapua`a!" (That's a Hawaiian Triggerfish, or a Rhinecanthus rectanglus if you're really boring.) We found pictures of them on the web, created the design using Corel Draw, then picked fabrics.

Michael's Pillow (back)

Many of the fabrics are the same as used on the quilt - the background around the fish uses the same fabric, the back of the pillow (right) uses scraps of fish fabric from the quilt back, and the piping on the edges uses the same material as the quilt binding.

(July 2002, 21" × 21")

closeup of Hawaiian Triggerfish (front) This is really a pillow cover (for a 21" square pillow), which presented the unusual opportunity to have a white backing against which the quilting is much more visible - at least if you turn the cover inside out. Here is a closeup of the quilting of the Hawaiian Triggerfish as seen from outside (left) and inside (right). closeup of Hawaiian Triggerfish (back)

Michael initially thought about having other fish (or maybe some sharks) in the water on the front, but we agreed that would be too busy. Instead, I quilted in some mystery guests.

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