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Karl's Travelogues: Advertising Measure E
(31 May 2003)

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Morgan with sign, front view
Morgan with sign, rear view
On Saturday afternoon, 31 May 2003, I affixed a Yes on Measure E lawn sign to the roll bar of The Flying Haggis, where it was readily visible from both front and rear. After a photo session in the driveway, I drove around Mountain View. This was the day of the 8th Annual Community Yard Sale and City-Wide Garage Sale, so plenty of people were around to see it.

First stop was Rengstorff Park, site of the Community Yard Sale. I made a circuit of the parking lots, then found a parking spot near the entrance/exit and spent some time wandering the sale tables. (I bought a pretty dress for Libby!) After walking around a bit, I realized that there were some great, visible parking spots along the street. Oh well.

Next, I went to the neighborhood which turned out to surround Monta Loma Elementary School. I stopped at a handful of garage sales, talked to people, and bought a book at one.

I hadn't gotten started until early afternoon so by the last garage sale there wasn't much left -- or many people. Looking at the map, I decided to drive up Rengstorff Ave. where there would be plenty of traffic, then circle through the Costco parking lot (with hordes of people on a Saturday afternoon, and plenty of stares).

From there, I drove past a couple more garage sale sites (futile), then on some heavily-traveled roads back to Castro St. I found a parking spot in front of Gelato Classico and parked for a few minutes to call home. From there, I continued on Castro, noticed a crowd coming out of the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts and therefore circled around City Hall and the library and the CPA again, then past Starbucks where plenty of people saw me, then off towards home.

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