Karl's Travelogues: Lick Observatory
with Michael (27 July 2002)

Lick  Observatory 1 meter reconnaissance imagery of Lick Observatory 1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"
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Libby's cousin Michael came to visit, and a ride in the Morgan seemed like a fun adventure for a Saturday afternoon. At left, we're ready to go - to the top of Mt. Hamilton, the highest point in the mountains southeast of San Jose. At right, you can see the last bits of twisty mountain roads, viewed from the top.
Lick Observatory

The original 36-inch Lick Refractor is housed within the larger dome, above. The smaller dome in the foreground doesn't contain a telescope at all - it contains a bust of Rev. Laurentine Hamilton, after whom Mt. Hamilton was named.

Are you ready, Michael?

Here we are in The Flying Haggis, posed in front of the observatory's main entrance and the original dome.

Looking east, towards the new, 120-inch Shane Reflector on Tycho Brahe Peak. Hopefully the haze will clear up for tonight's observations!

One last look back ...

Lick Observatory   Lick Observatory
1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"   1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"

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