Karl's Travelogues: Santa Cruz Mountains
with Laura (17 June 2002)

San Gregorio General Store Ferrari of Los Gatos 1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"
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El Camino Real bell Libby's cousin Laura came to visit, and one afternoon we decided to go for a ride in my Morgan. Laura wanted to know where you would buy a car like an old Morgan, so after stopping for fuel on El Camino Real we went to visit Ferrari of Los Gatos. There we were at a Ferrari dealer, looking for old Morgans, and what did she find to drool over? A Lamborghini!

From there, we wandered up and over the Santa Cruz Mountains, and eventually reached the San Gregorio General Store, where we stopped for sodas and talked to someone who used to own a shop that worked on Morgans in Taos, New Mexico. Laura was feeling a bit queasy, so we took the shortest route back to civilization (which still had plenty of twisty-turns) and then freeways the rest of the way. Fortunately, the CHP didn't take any interest in our grand finalé!

(In case you're wondering about the funny thing above the El Camino Real sign, it's called an El Camino Real Bell. These bells were created by the California Bell Company. For more about their history, see the Caltrans FAQ about them and also a Los Angeles Almanac article.)

2001 Lamborghini 6.0
2001 Lamborghini 6.0

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1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"   1953 Morgan +4 "The Flying Haggis"

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