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SP Coast Daylight (1955, off-season)

Southern Pacific Lines


Daylight herald

The page depicts the short 10-car consist of Southern Pacific's Coast Daylight, the base model of the train modeled by Challenger Imports in HO scale in 1999. Two add-on sets brought it up to its nearly-full 16-car consist.


SP 6034-6045 (Alco PA2) SP 6034-6045 (Alco PA2, classDP-11).
SP ? (EMD E7B) SP 5900-5909 (EMD E7B, class DP-4, later class EP620B-2)
SP ? (EMD E9A) SP 6046-6054 (EMD E9A, class DP-12, later class EP624A-1)
SP 3302 or 3303 (class 79-CB-1) SP 3302 or 3303 (79-CB-1), chair baggage car built by Pullman-Standard in 1939 (lot 6588, plan 7415) when the Daylight was first re-equipped. These cars included a 19'10" long baggage compartment, a news agent counter, and 44 seats.
SP 2457 and 2458 (class 66-ACM/M-2)
SP 2457 (66-ACM-2) + 
SP 2458 (66-ACW-2)
Articulated chair cars with 46 seats per car, built by Pullman-Standard in 1941 (lot 6638, plans 7423A and 7424A).
SP 10259, SP 10260, SP 10261 (class 70-AD-3, 57-AD-2, 70-AD-4)
SP 10261 (70-AD-4) + 
SP 10260 (57-AD-2) + 
SP 10259 (70-AD-3)
Triple-unit diner, consisting of a coffee shop car, kitchen car, and dining room car, built by Pullman-Standard in 1941 (lot 6638, plans 7416A, 7417A, and 7418A, respectively) to re-equip the Coast Daylight.
SP 2352 (class 83-C-5) SP 2352 (83-C-5), chair car built by Pullman-Standard in 1954 (lot 6940, plan 7571B), part of the last group of cars built for the Daylight.
SP 10316 (class 83-T-1) SP 10316 (83-T-1), tavern built by Pullman-Standard in 1949 (lot 6805, plan 7575) for the Shasta Daylight.
SP 3002 (class 79-PR-1) SP 3002 (79-PR-1), 27-seat parlor car built by Pullman-Standard in 1939 (lot 6591, plan 7420) for the Daylight.
SP 2953 (class 79-PRO-1) SP 2953 (79-PRO-1), 22-seat parlor observation built by Pullman-Standard in 1939 (lot 6590, plan 7419) for the Daylight.

Daylight drumhead


See the bibliography for the full Coast Daylight.

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