Passenger Train Articles in SP Trainline

Detailed articles about a number of Southern Pacific passenger trains have been published in SP Trainline, the quarterly journal of the Souther Paciific Historical and Technical Society. Below is a bibliography of these articles organized by train.

1,2 (Sunset Limited)

3,4 (Golden State)

5,6 (Argonaut)

9,10 (Shasta Daylight)

11,12 (Cascade)

13,14 (Beaver)

13,14 (T&NO Sunbeam)

15,16 (T&NO Hustler)

17,18 (Oregonian)

17,18 (T&NO Owl)

19,20 (Klamath)

21,22 (Oakland-Ogden mail)

27,28 (Overland)

39,40 (Imperial)

51,52 (San Joaquin Daylight)

53,54 (Sacramento Daylight)

55,56 (Tehachapi)

57,58 (Owl)

59,60 (West Coast)

69,70 (Coaster)

71,72 (San Francisco Passenger/Los Angeles Passenger, Coast Mail, "Sad Sam"; 90,91 after mid-1955)

73,74 (Oakland Lark)

75,76 (Lark)

77,78 (Del Monte)

90,91 (Coast Mail, Mail Train, "Sad Sam"; 71,72 prior to mid-1955)

94,95 (Starlight)

96,97 (Noon Daylight)

98,99 (Daylight, Morning Daylight, Coast Daylight)

101,102 (City of San Francisco)

223,224 (The Senator)

247,248 (El Dorado)

X (Suntan Special)

2-99 (Khrushchev Special)

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