AT&SF Hi-Level Exhibition Train (1956)

Santa Fe


This page depicts the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe's Hi-Level exhibition train which toured the system in early 1956 to introduce the new El Capitan equipment Five full train sets were required for regular service, and enough equipment was finally received from Budd to begin Hi-Level El Capitan service on 8 July 1956.


ATSF 307A (EMD F7B)ATSF 307 ATSF 307 & 307A (300 class EMD F7A & F7B), two-thirds of an ABB "bobtail" set of F7s built in December 1952 with 100-MPH gearing. These numbers were originally assigned to a dual-service F7 set, with 80-MPH gearing, delivered in May 1950. When the 306 class became the 325 class, the earlier 307 set was renumbered 326.
ATSF 3480 ATSF 3479, with the shorter 3480 standing in for it in this depiction.
ATSF 536 ATSF 536, Hi-Level step-down chair car.
ATSF 577 ATSF 577, Hi-Level lounge car.
ATSF 651 ATSF 651, Hi-Level dining car.
ATSF 709 ATSF 709, Hi-Level chair car.

El Capitan drumhead


About These Images

These train images are in a scale of 1 pixel = 12 in and were created by Karl L. Swartz. For more information about them, please see Not Quite Train GIFs.

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