Alexander's Last Cheese-Fest

Neal's Yard Dairy Alex was a dog who loved cheese. He could hear cheese - somehow, the sound of cheese being taken from the refrigerator would wake him from a sound sleep. Anything else, even fresh meat, wouldn't even warrant a twitch of the nose, or ear.

It couldn't be just any cheese, though. Alex was known to look in disdain at an offering of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. The best was a selection of cheeses hand-carried from London's Neal's Yard Dairy, sampled patiently with Dad.

Alex's last cheese-fest was on 7 June 2000, three days before he died. He and Dad curled up on the floor with a sampling of three cheeses:

Dad accompanied this with a glass of 1991 vintage late-bottled (1997) Sandeman port; Alex was content with fresh water. While Alex had lost most of his appetite in his final days, an exception was made for good cheese in good company.

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