This is the web page for

Garrett Raymond Masters

My parents are

Timothy Raymond Masters


Jennifer Arlene Gerrietts-Masters


I was born December 2, 2001 at 4:11 am,

at McKennan Hospital, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


I weighed 8 pounds, and was 21 inches long.

My head had a diameter of 14.25 inches,

and my chest had a diameter of 13.25 inches.


These dimentions continue to increase, as I am a happy, healthy, growing boy.

My latest check-up measured me up at:

20 pounds, 0 ounces and I was 30 inches long as of December 10, 2002.


Here are some photos from April 2004

This is my new toddler bed. I'm a big boy now.

Here are some photos from December 2002

In December, I had my first birthday party. This was the last of my firsts.

In the hopes of following the family tradition , Aunt Christa gave me my first Augie sweatshirt.

After all the gifts, I had the opportunity to try blowing out the candle on my first cake.

Eating the cake was quite a task, but somebody had to rise to the occassion.

Later in the month, my parents took me downtown to meet a guy called Santa.

On Christmas Morning, I found a great new toy in the living room from that guy.

On Christmas afternoon, I enjoyed feeding myself homemade blueberry pancakes.


Here are some photos from November 2002

At the Thanksgiving gathering at Great Grandma Christiansen's house,

I was showing off all my new stuff.

This included standing for my Grandma Gerrietts.

Great Grandma Christiansen and I decided it was time for choir practice,

so we tried to sing together from an old hymnal.

Later, I decided I wanted Aunt Anne to read one of my books to me.

All this activity really wore me out, so I took a nap with Grandpa Gerrietts,

and then Mamma caught me waking up, in true squirrely fashion.


Here are some photos from October 2002

When Grandpa and Grandma Masters came in early October, we had a great time.

I learned that one of the best places for an afternoon nap is in Grandpa's arms.

In the middle of the month, Daddy came home with a pumpkin for me.

He said he got it from the COOP observers in Wentworth South Dakota.

Throughout much of the month, and into early November,

I was busy learning to swim at the YWCA with Mamma.

At the end of October, I learned that there is a day called Halloween,

when kids dress up like things they really aren't.

I pretended to be a cute little teddy bear.

I asked Daddy if it is aways so cold that you need a fuzzy coat this time of year.

He said in this part of the country, anthing can happen on Halloween.


Here are some photos from September 2002

I love reading. This is my favorite book, "Where's My Nose?"

Here I am standing with Bob's tail in my hand. I follow him and try to give my full body hugs.

When I'm on the move like this, my parents call me choo_choo.

I don't understand why they want me to wear shoes. They make much better toys.


Here are some photos from August 2002

Here I am nose to nose with Cu the cat. My number one goal in life is to catch these felines.

I like to help my dad as a junior mechanic. I fit under the truck just fine.

Now that I have a couple of teeth, munching biscuits is fun for lunch.

This is when Mom caught me emptying a drawer.


Here are some photos from July 2002

This is when my fun Uncle Dan visited me, and helped my Dad, my Mom, and Grandpa paint the garage.

This is his wife, Aunt Molly, giving me plenty of attention, while the men were painting.

This is my Mom's youngest sister, Aunt Christa, and her dog, Cara.

This is a fun game that Grandma Gerrietts taught me, tip over the toy box.

This is a shirt from Aunt Anne, showing how I am above average like those kids at Lake Wobegone.


Here are some photos from June 2002

This is when Mom had the great idea to put me in a laundry basket.

This is my Great Aunt Therese, at my Uncle Kevin's wedding.

This is my Grandma and Grandpa Masters, at my my Uncle Kevin's reception.


Here are some photos from May 2002

This is when I first started sitting up.

Here I am on the big bed, with Mom's Teddy Bear.

This is the first time I met my Aunt Holly , Kevin and Dad's little sister.

This was the first time I tried swimming (not in the bathtub!).

Here I am, hard at play, in the living room

I really enjoy the swing that the neighbor, Marion, lets me use.


Here are some photos from April 2002

This is when I first started looking up when I was on my belly.

Yummy, the doctor says I can try eating baby rice cereal now. I love paste!

I got to go to the Zoo, without the staff putting me in with the monkeys!

I love to tackle those kitties, someday I will pin them down.

I have decided this bath thing is not so bad.

After my bath, Mom always oils me up, as I sit by the lamp Dad made for me on my dresser.


This was a annoying experience, posing for a Christmas Photo

Here I am with Mom and Dad, allowing Aunt Christa to take the family photo.


These are a couple pictures from the hospital, the day after I was born

I have a Dad , who seems to like to hold me and teach me how to be a boy.

I have a Mom, who feeds me and is a bit more tender and gentle.


Here are four pictures of my sister,

Alice Rose Masters,

the evening after she was born.

Photo one: Baby Alice 1

Photo two: Baby Alice 2 (Sideways)

Photo three: Close up of face

Photo four: Baby Alice 4