Libby's Tree House: Photos

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23 September 2005: Getting started

24 September 2005: Installing the floor structure

1 October 2005: Shims and paint to match the tree

9 October 2005: Diagnonal joists bolted to tree

16 October 2005: More progress under the floor

30 October 2005: Test-fitting some floor boards

5 November 2005: Uncle Marty frames the walls

6-13 November 2005: Framing the open side wall, part 1

27 November 2005: Framing the open side wall, part 2

27 November 2005: Inspecting and painting the floor framing

22 January 2006: Winter jigsaw puzzle, California style

29 May 2006: Reinforcing the front cantilever structure

See Grandpa Leonard's Improvements for details of what Daddy was doing here.

16 July 2006: Completed reinforcements

16 July 2006: The floor is (almost) done!

29 July 2006: The first wall

29 July 2006: Libby gives it a test drive

30 July 2006: Daddy gives it a test drive (after more bracing)

5 August 2006: Finishing the walls

13 August 2006: Temporary roof

23 June 2007: Front wall structure

19 August 2007: Front wall rope railing

19 August 2007: Assembling the stair ladder and trying it out

See elevation drawing of stair ladder.

2 September 2007: Installing angles for stair ladder hooks

3 September 2007: Libby installed the last floor board

3 September 2007: Done except for painting and the roof!


15-16 September 2007: Painting

21 September 2007: Final touches on the steps

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