Libby's Photos: First Date

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Roland Ullrich was born three days after me. My parents first met his parents in their childbirth class, then ran into them again at El Camino Hospital when Roland was a newborn. (I was, of course, a mature young lady of three days at that point.)

Four months later, they came to visit. Roland was a bit upset at having to share the limelight, but I turned my charms upon him.

One of the challenges we had in playing is that neither of us is very good at moving around yet, so our Dads helped out.

Hmmm ... I've never seen a boy my age before. What would I do if I caught one?! I suddenly realized that while I'm stunningly cute, my somewhat soaked bib wasn't the most alluring of attire.

We decided a better idea might be to go for a walk, so Mom bundled me up in my Snuggle Bunny outfit, topped off my tank, and got ready to go. Roland had a really cool German stroller, but alas, it was a single seater, so I rode in my less-sporty model. It was a beautiful day so it was nice to be out in any conveyance.

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