Libby's Photos: Invasion of the Cousins
from Behind the Orange Curtain

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Cousins Katie and Erik, sanitized for my protection

Scrubbing Cousins

Aunt Laurie brought my cousins Katie and Erik all the way from Orange County to meet me for my first (month) birthday! They had read Dad's decontamination proceedures and arrived properly prepared.

Aunt Laurie and Cousins Katie and Erik, scrubbed

The Big One Month!

For my birthday, we went out for brunch. Katie and Erik made me a special birthday hat which they gave to me along with a hand-made card and Elmo and Cookie Monster toys while we waited.

My birthday brunch was at IHOP. Mom was very happy to have me sitting next to her in a booth. When I was in her, we couldn't fit in a booth! Libby with Mom and Dad at IHOP Libby with Mom and Dad at IHOP Cousin Erik had another idea of how to sit on a booth. Aunt Laurie didn't seem too thrilled with his innovation, but I enjoyed it.

Dining at Home

Lunch with Aunt Laurie and cousins Erik and Katie Back at home, Aunt Laurie showed Katie and Erik how to feed me. Dining with cousins Erik and Katie

Erik and Katie were enthusiastic about helping out.

Erik was also interested in studying burping techniques.

Burping with Erik

Later on, Katie and Erik helped Dad make an apple pie.

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