Libby's Photos: Rolling Over

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Rolling Over

I figured out how to roll over on 24 January, four days before my four-month birthday. Mom was so excited, she called Dad at work and dragged him out of a meeting to tell him the big news!

rolling over

arm in the way The next day, I got lots of practice in, which allowed Mom to take these pictures. The hardest part is figuring out what to do when the arm you're rolling into gets in the way.

Finally, I'm on my belly. Now the trouble is that I can't abide being face-down on my belly. What to do?!

(Cry for Mom or Dad, that's what!)

now what?!

stuck! I finally got used to being on my belly, but at first I only rolled to the right. This posed a problem when something (my friend in the mirror in this case) got in the way. I quickly found reverse.

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