Libby's Photos: Second Quarter Report

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Libby laughing all the way

To My Beholders

The second quarter of my life, which closed on 27 March 2002, was an outstanding success. Highlights include rolling over, eating solid food, and lots of playtime as detailed below. I laughed all the way to the playpen!

Libby's playpen

Diaper Peek-a-Boo

Libby playing Peek-a-Boo with Grandma Peggy A favorite game for me is having Mom or Dad or a Grandma toss a diaper (or another bit of soft fabric) over my face. I laugh, then pull it off so they can find me. A variation on this, played each morning, is called Make-the-Bed.
playing peek-a-boo with a diaper


Some mornings, after a quick breakfast, I snuggle in bed with Mom and Dad. I have a selection of toys to play with, including a diaper for hide-and-seek and Dad's nose.

Libby wrestling a Teddy bear from Aunt Tristan Other mornings, I wrestle my Teddy bear (from Aunt Tristan) on Mom and Dad's bed. I think of it as kind of a turnabout on the Goldilocks story.

Libby snuggling with Dad

A Scruffy Dad Tickles!

Sometimes Dad takes a vacation from shaving and gets a bit scruffy. When he does that, his beard really tickles!
Libby and a Scruffy Dad

Play Arch

Eventually, it's time to settle down to the serious business of playing. My bouncy chair is equipped with a conveniently-placed selection of toys.

bouncy chair stroller with play arch

I have a similar device for travel purposes, seen here attached to my stroller. (It also works on my car seat.) This version includes a plane so I can practice my flying.

Film Critic

With everyone taking pictures of me, I've learned more than a bit about photography. Here I express my opinion of the lighting chosen for this picture.

Libby and Mom at MVCPA

The QED Quilters

Quilting Is Serious Business

Mom's quilting group, the Quilting Engineering Divas, sometimes includes me in their quilting bees. They seem to think it's funny, but I know that it's serious business.

Testing a quilt -- now that's when the fun kicks in! (The quilt is Hearts and Stars, Too, a QED Production from my collection.)

playing with Dad on a quilt

waiting in my high-chair

A Tip? With Service This Slow?!

After a busy day of playing, it's time for a good dinner. So what happens? I have to sit and wait while they fiddle around with cameras instead of serving up my food. I keep thinking of looking for a place with better service, but they've added some new, solid stuff to the menu here so I think I'll stay a regular ... for now.


I've started helping Mom and Dad read books, usually at the end of the day. Here, I'm assisting Dad with Guess How Much I Love You, a cute story about Little Nutbrown Hare and his daddy, Big Nutbrown Hare.

reading with Dad cover of Guess How Much I Love You

Erik with Libby in her saucer

Forward-Looking Statements

With limited historical experience, visibility into the third quarter is cloudy, though I expect it will continue to have a number of surprises, with an emphasis on significant upside potential.

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