Libby's Photos: Month Three

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Double Rainbow

Dad's friend Bob Cook gave me this toy set. Right now I'm gazing at my friend who lives in the mirror, but there is also a rainbow, a squid, and a whale for me to play with. I can play with them without having to sit up or roll over, which is nice since I haven't figured out those maneuvers yet.


Dad and I got nose-to-nose for some serious rhino-comparison. His may have the advantage of size, but mine is far cuter, don't you agree?

nose-to-nose with Dad dancing with Dad

Dancing with Dad

Dancing with Dad is more fun than comparing noses, especially since he can't step on my feet.


The big event in this month of my life was my first Christmas. That's a whole story (in pictures) unto itself!

I Did, I Did, I Saw a Putty-Tat!

The day before my three-month birthday, we went to Uncle Steve's house for dinner and a movie. (We watched Logan's Run, which was pretty silly.) I got to meet a cat for the first time. Christy used to live with Mom, but moved in with Uncle Steve to make room for me. She was very sweet and soft and let me pet her.


three-month birthday


The final note of my third month was of course my three-month birthday, which also happened to be my 13-week birthday. I spent part of it playing with some of my new toys from Christmas.

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