Libby's Photos: Life at Home: Part II

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Navel Maneuvers

This is my bellybutton, moments after it was revealed by the departure of my umbilical stump.

My first real bath

Mom gave me my first real bath (as opposed to a sponge bath) after my umbilical stump fell off. She was excited! I wasn't too sure about the whole process. Dad just took pictures and chuckled.

Libby's hand, Mom's hand

Digital Comparisons

Taken on my four-week birthday, these photos compare the size of my hand and Mom's, and my feet and Dad's. (Actually, it's more like my foot and Dad's big toe -- his feet are huge!)

Libby's foot, Dad's foot

A Tale of Two Dolls

Here I am with a doll made for me by my cousin Katie. At four weeks of age, I'm bigger, but not by much. That will change quickly!
Libby with a doll from cousin Katie

Crib at Pooh Corner

Crib at Pooh Corner

I graduated from a bassinette to a crib. Mom is a big Winnie the Pooh fan, and she put my crib in a corner which has Pooh animation cels given to her by Dad. She is also an avid quilter so she made a Pooh-themed bumper for my crib. (I'm laying on a quilt made by Mom's friends; crib sheets can wait for college.)

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