Libby's Photos: Life at Home: The First Two Weeks

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My first bath at home

Bathing beauty

A Big Burp for Mom

Here's Mom in our rocking chair helping me burp after lunch.

Reading with Dad

Dad likes to read. (So does Mom.) Tonight I'm trying to help him figure out what to do with me for the next twelve months.

Late Night with Dad

Dad can look pretty scary at night, but he's good at helping me fall asleep, whether it's by holding me close or by bouncing with me until I doze off.
More about Dad's shorts ...

Late Night with Mom

Mom is snuggly at night. Here we are falling asleep together in her bed.

Asleep in My Own Bed

Once Dad bounces and walks me, and Mom snuggles with me, I'm ready for a few hours sleep in my own bed. (Then it's time to eat again!)

My First Walk

Mom and Dad took me on a walk to a little park several blocks away. Here I am with my trusty porter at the start of our expedition.

My Third Walk

For my third walk, Mom dressed me up in the outfit Grandma Jean knitted for me and the three of us walked to Mercy-Bush Park. I fell asleep before we got there, but I'm sure it will be lots of fun when I get a bit older.

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