Pooh-O-LanternLibby's Photos: Halloween 2002

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scary pumpkin Technically, this was my second Halloween, but the first time I was barely one month old so it didn't really count. Mom fixed me up with a very cute Piglet outfit (from the Disney Store). Let's start the story at the beginning, though. Libby as Piglet

Pumpkin Shopping in Albany

Pumpkin shopping with Sara and Caroline I hadn't ever shopped for a pumpkin before, so I learned the ropes while visiting my godfather's family in Albany, New York. Sara and Caroline gave me some good tips, and soon I was shopping like a pro. studying the pumpkins

Mom, I really like this one.
May I have it?
May I have this pumpkin?

Pumpkin Shopping in California

Back home in California, I put my new pumpkin shopping skills to work. First, though, one's hat (a gift from Aunt Jocelyn) must be just right. checking my hat wading through the field A nice, round pumpkin should roll well. Look at that tall one on the left in the photo - it's almost as big as I am!
taking a break keep moving, plenty to choose from flying pumpkins?

huge pumpkin with Dad's Beetle This one is WAY too big!

After picking a pumpkin, we looked around to see what other activities there were. scoping things out

saying hi to the donkey
Dad and I said hi to the donkey ...
train ride
... rode the train ...
Mom and Libby in a jack-o-lantern ... then Mom and I climbed inside a really big jack-o-lantern!

Las Madres Party

a contemplative Piglet (Libby) The festivities started the Sunday before Halloween when Las Madres had a Halloween party at Bamboola. After playing with some giant pumpkins, I paused to consider what to do next. A new friend offered a pointer or two. a friend giving Piglet (Libby) a pointer

Dad and I climbed into a play area filled with plastic balls. I nearly disappeared under the things, plus it was hot. I hated it. Piglet (Libby) with Dad Piglet (Libby) with Dad After escaping the torture chamber, we posed for a photo together. Dad was wearing his Day Of The Dead shirt.

Piglet (Libby) and Tigger investigate Lazer-Tron
Tigger and I investigated a Lazer-Tron game. We weren't quite sure what to do with it, especially since we couldn't reach some of the controls.
Piglet (Libby) and a friend check out prizes
Another friend and I checked out the prizes, trying to decide if it was worth playing any of the games. We figured they were too small so Mom and Dad would just take them away.

Trick Or Treat!

ghostly greeter To welcome other little kids, Mom made a little spook and Dad carved a jack-o-lantern. After a pause for photos, we were ready to go visit the neighbors! scary pumpkin
Piglet (Libby) with ghost and pumpkin

I think I was tricked. First, Mom and Dad kept all the loot. If that wasn't bad enough, after we got home, lots of little kids came by to play, but Mom and Dad bribed them with candy to go away. At least they read a Halloween book to me before bed.

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