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aerobatics lessons with Dad

Aerobatics and Combat Flying

After finishing basic flight lessons, I quickly progressed to aerobatics. Unfortunately, Dad only got me a Blue Angels outfit, not one of their planes, so I was a sitting duck when the Red Baron came after me.

the Red Baron got me! The Red Baron
Medic! Medic!

ready to go in Dad's Morgan

In the Driver's Seat

I finally got a chance to drive Dad's Morgan! Well, I got all settled in, then he decided that I couldn't drive until I could see over the wheel. I was so close! Instead, he took my cousin Michael for a ride to Mt. Hamilton, leaving Mom and I behind. Sigh.

Discovering Sand

Cousins Katie and Erik came to visit during Katie's Spring Break, and one day we all went for a walk. We stopped at a playground, where I discovered Sand. Fascinating stuff, even if the picture is a bit grainy.

Libby discovers grass and dirt

Grass and Dirt

We had a nice, sunny day, so Mom took me out to our back yard where I discovered grass and dirt!

Aunt Faye and Me

Dad's Special Adventure

For Dad's birthday, Mom and I required that he set aside March 16, 2002 for a Special Adventure. Mom, Aunt Faye, and I took Dad and Uncle Dietmar (whose birthday is 3¾ days after Dad's) to the SpeedRing indoor racetrack where they suited up and raced little cars. It was noisy, but they had fun!

Dad's Special Adventure certificate
Dad and Dietmar

Uncle Steve's Birthday

We took Uncle Steve to an Italian restaurant for his birthday. I gave him a framed photograph of the two of us.

While the Cat's Away ...

Dad had to go away on a business trip. Mom took this picture so he wouldn't forget me. The next day, we went to Lucy's with Aunt Faye and had some girls-only fun!

Flight Lessons

Mom got me a flight suit so of course Dad had to take me flying. Here's how I do it. Note the swept "wings" for higher speeds!

First Visit to Lucy's

Lucy's is a little Chinese tea room in Mountain View, and one of Mom's favorite restaurants. Mom and Aunt Grace took me for my first visit. They had tea. I had milk.

First Quilting Bee

The day after my six-week birthday, Mom took me to my first quilting bee, with the QED quilters at Aunt Faye's house. There was a lot of fabric. I slept.

Libby with Mom and Dad at IHOP

First Restaurant

My first restaurant was IHOP, where we went for my one-month birthday brunch. Mom was very happy to have me sitting next to her in a booth. When I was in her, we couldn't fit in a booth!

First Walk

Mom and Dad took me on a walk to a little park several blocks away. Here I am with my trusty porter at the start of our expedition.

First Car Ride

Dad likes cars, so he chauffered us home from the hospital after making sure Mom had done a good job of strapping me into my car seat.

First Minutes

Dad took this picture of Mom and me a few minutes after I was born. (He didn't take it right away because I had to get cleaned up first. Being born is a messy job, but someone has to do it. Actually, everyone has to do it!)

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