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Boeing 767-400 KAL shot down by USSR in 1978 (_not_ KAL 007) "Airframe" and DFDR's Air Accident Investigation McDonnell Douglas & Boeing To Merge -- Press Release Text Inert Gas In Fuel Tanks 767-400ERX (Was `Delta A340 order?') A330/340 vs. B777 Question: Fuel Dumping GPS Cost of Unscheduled Stop? Counterfeit parts Emergency landing on water ? aircraft performance in descent Air Safety (was Re: A3xx vs B747-600) Unusual/Airbus TV Ad? Caravelle of Air Provence Airbus lawsuit coming? (and other thoughts) airline and airport safety statistics--do they exist?? Whatever happened to the Dash 7 propellor design B737 of Luxair (LG) 737 with wire ant. L1011 vs. DC-10 Are Two Engine 757 & 767 Jets Dangerous? [Was the DC-3???] 737: Take-off without flaps? B727 "spin" accident? Outsourced Airline A/C Maintenance SAS DC8 ditching Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible? Ethiopian 767 crash ET 767 Ditch Help ID Piedmont Propeller Planes, Please A340-600X ??? safety adaptative wings Static from Cross-feed Ethiopian crash, Gimli, RAT and FLAPS Engine noise Embraer Turboprop Near Collision Between El Al, Egyptian Planes Could TWA800 really have happened this way? Microwave Landing System - Present Status? Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others New ground proximity warning. TWA Flt800 - Boeing Comments on Fuel Tank? Y2K - sources of info Boeing launches 767-400ERX TWA Flight 400 accident SAS ditching near LAX Boeing offers 767-400ERX Aviation Fuel Excise Tax Misconceived Mammoth 767 Tail-Bang on lift-off DC-6 for Pollution Control Toilet sucks in child AA and UA DC-10's Safety by aircraft type Airbus reportedly delays jumbo-jet decision Wake of SuperJumbo B-777 ordered by.... Laser-Velocimeter stretch DC-8 landing gear Boeing cancels 767-500X/600X? NTSB announcement regarding flight 800 777 Tail wag fix V speed list TCAS on Airbus A340 First hijacked 777?! Disaster? First DC-9 Active Noise Control System Approved By FAA Flood Damage DC-8s in service; no 707s? DC-8-63 package freighter - conversion question Boeing Redirects Product-Development Efforts Turboprop startup speed question (long) Pratt & Whitney PT6 & PT6A Hot Sections What did I see? Blended-body snag? The LAAS proposal for GPS Northwest Airlines Icing related problem IAD Jan 27 6:30pm EST 747 engine disintegrates Bristol Britannia's AA JFK-LHR C-130s and other military aircraft Air China 747 Gets Stuck in JFK Cabin pressure at altitude Emergency Landing/China Airlines MD-80 Fueling Quirks Induced Pilot Error and Aviation Industry Ignorance
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