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A/C Hydraulic Tube Pinhole Leaks (from Bill Simpson) where is radio antenna Questions about flight recorders New Boeing 737-800 anouncement seat pitch REQ: FOR PICS OF LARGE TURBOFAN ENGINES Steels used in jet engine bearings US Air crash (flight 427, ORD-PIT) United ad 757 vs. 767 lavs Electronic Conference Announcement Boeing 747 variants unpowered glide ratios 737-800 TWA Constellation Question... Low wing turbo-prop 737 musings USAir 427 Crash Crash of Flight 427 Picture of Engine Cross Section Available McDonnel Douglas and AMR / American Airlines --- an agreement? New US Air 427 Hypothesis thoughts on MTFE and regional jets 777 P&W Failure 777 in Denver...... Oct 2 Who are the best crash investigators? Fuel Weight versus Initial Cruise Altitude
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