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Good articles in last two Air & Space issues What Happened to Convair? B-737 videotapes Date of Construction Antenna? Air France 767-300? Convair 990 + misc. Those swinging engine pods! Engine rotation Request for Information A320 Software goes on "3rd Party" maintenance Internet -> SitaText translation RA001 Flight Testing Resumes Airliners takeoff and landing distances USAir 737 nose gear collapse Boeing 757 Performance Specs? GPS on airliners? Publishing news: AIRLINERS and AIRWAYS CATIA or CADDS 5 CAD/CAM technical papers? Flutter & Swept Wing Aircraft Delta Tristar Operations MD-11's with extra fuel tanks 747-300 and Il-86 Aircraft Fire Protection/Mishap Investigation A320 question Stalls Flightdeck Automation: request for input volcanic Ash Encounters Valsan 727 modifications Stalls How to become irradiated at 30 000 feet. 757 airfoil specs newgroup sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamics Accident in Japan
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