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hydraulic problems with DC-10's?? Aerospatile to shut down Toulouse plant for 2 or 3 weeks in 1993. tip vortices *do* exist! Formation of new society/discussion group New Soviet Aircraft MD-11 Engine Sounds? 757-300? Bayerische Motoren Werke Terror at 41,000' Tailplane icing Soviet Aircraft DOD reverse engineering projects and undocumented commerical spares A340s in United's future? UAL, BOEING Agree To Restructure Deliveries United A320s cancelled? Engine Displays A330-400X 737-X Stall Warning Systems on Commercial Aircraft A300 still in production Costs of operating an airliner/Mileage Need info on the MD-11 pitch incident over Aleutians spare engine under wing 747 Autpilot problem Non-review: _The Boeing 747_ Non-review: _How to Fly a 747_ Special Conditions for A340 released
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