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ETOPS A320 braking methods 727 lands at Meigs field! 2 engines vs 4 engines planes 21st Century Jet altitude questions Two new Airbus PIREPS. 777 ETOPS certification EMP and commercial airliners 777 Doors Reliability Seeking references on pressurization system models 737-X first service of United's A320s Ultimate passenger megajet 757 Boarding Airbus Airplanes Ditched airliners China Airlines Jumbo trivia Q -- # of units of top-selling aircraft Searching for info on a 20 year old crash DC-10/MD11 twin SAS MD-81 crash report, December 1991 Flights start for 777's P&W engine 727 Manuals Airbus A-300 Emergency Landing in India Southwest places first 737-X order Southwest orders 737-X Miscellaneous News A320, MD-80, 727 TCAS distracted 727 crew Continental 727 nearly belly-flops at O'Hare Thickness of Runways? Delta Simplying Fleet Boeing 367-80 specs 737-X Model Numbers Revealed What does the 737-X do for Southwest? questions about jet exhaust and emissions
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