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Another Dash 80 question Who has computerised production lists? SAA crash in the Indian Ocean Pressurization system references Thickness of Runways? Boeing 367-80 specs What does the 737-X do for Southwest? Info req. on minimal waste(water) toilet A320, MD-80, 727 NOVA: COPA (Panama) 737 accident - NTSB Investigation FI: DAL flying 727-200s w/ Valsan developed winglets A340/Lufthansa ad FAA To Require Modification Of 747s With JT9D Engines USAir/Allegheny late '70s(?) ATC incident? I sat in a 747 cockpit through the landing! BA-146-100 P&W Engine Testing Reverse Thrust. FAA Federal Register >>>> CONCORD, A2000 ???? 737 pushouts? Continental 727 nearly belly-flops at O'Hare Air Canada Purchases Airbus A340s Reindeer on TCAS
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