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The future of "pilots" *** NO SUBJECT *** Another 747 autopilot incident. *** NO SUBJECT *** over-automation with glass cockpits auto-throttle usage Trim Activated by the Autopilot A310 crash - details wanted Airbus safety Wing "flaps" that raise on landing A ride on an A320 Flightdeck Automation: request for input The Scoop on the A330 Accident landing in fog Landing the 747 on autopilot FMC's on Boeing planes Crash of Flight 427 Boeing landing procedures FLY-BY-WIRE (AIRBUS vs. BOEING) CONF: "Virtual Humans," Anaheim, June 19-20 - REGISTER NOW! Boeing to Acquire Rockwell Aerospace and Defense Units Airbus trim system? A310 Aerobatics A320 braking methods GPS on airliners? jet fuel question Boeing landing procedures A310, low visibility landing in Zurich, Switzerland B777 order list A320: effect of spoilers when airbraking? TV programme on 777 Info on 727 Simulator *** NO SUBJECT *** Auto rejected take-off on 767? High tech jets = High risk jets? 757 Autoland An-124 and wing dihedral
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