ValuJet Order: What's Difference MD-95 and DC9-50?

From: (Bill Candee)
Date:         20 Oct 1995 11:13:02 -0700
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        Now that ValuJet has ordered the MD-95 with RR/BMW engines 
(Wall St. Journal, today), I am wondering how good a decision this is 
on their part.  I am happy to see Douglas get some work, but isn't the 
MD-95 really just a DC9-50 (DC-9 wing, long fuselage).  As an Austrian 
Airlines captain [and former DC9-50 driver] explained here recently, 
the DC9-50 was a crutty plane to fly (no more than 10 degree bank at 
altitude, or it would buffet, world's longest takeoff and landing run, 
blown tires).

        Does anybody know whether Douglas has done anything to make the 
MD-95 a well-handling plane?  I usually feel safer when I know that the 
pilot doesn't have to fight the plane (a sparsely-loaded 757 is a blast 
to fly in, for example, because it is so overpowered and maneuverable).