Re: Airbus 300, 310 market failure

From:         "Stefano P. Pagiola" <>
Date:         02 Dec 1997 13:17:51 -0500
Organization: WorldBank
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  or MIME structure (C. Marin Faure) wrote:
> > ... the A300 and the
> > A310 types have very few orders (under 10 as I remember). What is the
> > reason that these two types are failing in the market ? Is the B767 so
> > much better ?
> I don't know if this is the reason for the order discrepancy, but the 767
> has a superior wing.  I have had one major airline tell me directly this
> was the primary factor in their selection of the 767 over the competing
> airplanes.

Depends how you define "superior". The A310 has a very nice wing, from a
technical viewpoint. Unfortunately, it was optimized for short/medium range
and so the A310 was unable to compete with the long-range versions of the
767 as effectively as it might have. Since the bulk of the market ended up
being for the long-range versions, the wing was indeed an important factor
in the A310's poor showing relative to the 767. But I think this is a case
of poor market forecasting rather than poor wing design.

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