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Date:         10 Apr 1998 14:08:44 -0400
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  or MIME structure (Tarver Engineering) wrote:
> The new 737 airplanes have run into regulatory problems with the JAA.
> The failure to get the new airplane over wing doors certified in
> Europe as a grandfather to the 737 Type Certificate is holding things
> up.  Boeing is considering cutting 12 feet off the fuselage. (WSJ)

The 737-700 was certified by the JAA a month or so ago (well, strictly
speaking the certification is by individual countries, the JAA only
recommends). Several European airlines have now taken delivery (including
Maersk and Germania). To satisfy the JAA, Boeing had to design new
overwing exits which open much faster than the old design, so that the 737
can still meet the stricter evacuation time limits that new models (such
as the A320 family) must meet.

For Boeing's press release on JAA approval, see

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