Re: A340-500/600 vs. B777-200X/B747-200X etc.

From:         Sean Liao <>
Date:         17 Nov 1997 16:06:02 -0500
Organization: DCI HiNet
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> Airbus signed up another launch customer for the A340-500/600---Taiwan's
> EVA Airways.  I believe Boeing's original intent was to market the B777
> to EVA Airways.  However, EVA Air's relunctance to operate ultra-long-
> range twins has prompted Boeing's new B747-200X offer, and EVA Air was
> mentioned as a possible customer.  EVA Air's A340 selection may also
> sway Taiwan's other airline, China Airlines, to the Airbus camp.  ETOPS
> may be viewed as extremely risky for China Airlines because of its poor
> safety record.  However, the Taiwan government may exert some influence
> in the aircraft selection because of Taiwan's big trade surplus with the
> US.

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> Boeing is also anxiously waiting to get enough customers to launch its
> B777-200X.  American and Malaysia are probably the only two that Boeing
> can get for sure at this time.  On a related note, American has selected
> Rolls-Royce for its B777 order.  I am not too sure why GE and P&W both
> are abandoning the ultra-long-range market (i.e., the A340-500/600 and
> B777-200X/300X).

> Let's see if the A340-500/600 and/or the B777-200X/-300X will be
> officially launched at the Dubai Air Show.

One major reason why EVA chose A340 instead of Boeing 777 was that MD no
longer exsists.They have to pick another manufacturer to balance their
fleet.Even though the new coming European system would make maintenance
complicate,they don't want Boeing to be the only provider of their
jetliners.ETOPS also played an important role in the decision,I think.