Orders for Airliners in 1997

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Date:         12 Jan 1998 13:47:53 -0500
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Boeing today announced its total orders for 1997 and proclaimed its victory
over Airbus.  You can read Boeing's press release at:


Although Boeing only received net orders for 64 more planes in 1997 (502 vs.
438 - 14.6% higher for Boeing), the value of the planes was $11.3 billion
USD greater ($39.1 billion vs. $27.8 billion - 40.6% higher for Boeing).
This works out to $77.9 million per plane for Boeing and $63.5 million per
plane for Airbus.

The press release included a set of four charts that showed orders for 1997
and total unfilled orders.  For 1997 there were 2 orders for "Other" and
there are 10 unfilled orders for "Other".  This "Other" refers to a
manufacturer other than Boeing (Including MD) and Airbus, and I was
wondering who this was.  My guess would be Iluyshin or Tupelov, but I really
don't know.

Thomas A. Beckley