Re: Inertial Navigation ???

From:         "Max O. Lange" <>
Date:         Fri, 10 Mar 2000 09:51:01 +0100
Organization: T-Online
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Ed McBride schrieb:

> But I keep hearing that people take off in an airplane, fly across
> country, and know where they are within a foot or so.  The only
> explanation I can come up with is that these airplanes must be
> "re-zeroing" rather often.

there's a zillion questions you raise but only so many come in the
domain of this NG. Let's start with these:

- Gyroscopes are used for inertial navigation because they provide the
precise angular orientation you mention. They are way too expensive
for your 2$k objects, though.

- People flying across country and knowing where they are to within a
foot are relying on GPS, and possibly differential GPS at that. A
basic GPS receiver would be within your price range but less precise
than 0.1m.

- For your application, it's important if you need to know the
objects' locations on board the objects, or in a central control
unit. In the latter case, you could probably track them optically more
easily than anything else.

Yours sincerely
Max Lange