Re: Swissair MD11 Crash - additional details

From: (Richard S. Shevell)
Date:         20 Sep 1998 21:52:39 GMT
Organization: Stanford University
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> wrote:
> > I seen a webpage sometime ago that had several FAA reports of
> > aviation accidents.  Indeed, the MD-11, like the DC-10, has had a
> > string of incidents and mishaps in recent years.

> If the MD-11's record since 1996 qualifies it for "a string of
> incidents" then so does that of everyone else, and I hope you enjoy
> riding the trains (which also have their problems...)"

Thanks for setting the record straight. Until the Swissair crash, the
MD-11 has had a very safe record. This one has the feel of the Valuejet
accident, starting with smoke in the cockpit and then possibly burning
through control systems or ?.  Hopefully the FDR will tell something of
the originating problem.