Re: Ground Radar CAT Detection

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Date:         Sun, 26 Apr 1998 23:42:26 GMT
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On 26 Apr 98 03:45:00 , Don Stauffer <>

>I am working on aircraft CAT detection systems.  I see a lot of stuff
>lately about ground based sensing of CAT.  One of the ideas seems to use
>Nexrad to detect and plot CAT.  How is this possible?  I thought Nexrad
>and radars of that band required percipitation or cloud
>droplets/particles for return.

JFK uses doppler radar for this purpose.  NASA Lewis did extensive
study of the detection of micro-bursts using radar and now are working
on a LIDAR system.  Honeywell's early TCAS systems were designed to
integrate radar for mocro-burst detection.  Ground clutter killed the
NASA Lewis and Honeywell airborne radar detection systems.