Re: Recirculating water tunnel

From:         "A.F. AboulAzm" <>
Organization: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Date:         Sun, 19 Oct 1997 17:50:32 GMT
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Olin K. McDaniel, III wrote:
> Good day.  I am designing a recirculating water tunnel with a
> test section 10 inches high (free surface) by 14 inches wide by about 20
> inches long.  Flow visualization will be by hydrogen bubble streamers and
>  lift/drag by beam balance with load cell and manometer readout.  A 24
> pound thrust electric trolling motor with a 9 inch diameter prop is
> available to pump the water.  Before I completely reinvent the thing,
> does anyone have plans for such a device about this size.
>         Thanks in advance, Olin.

Hello Olin;

The company Armfield designs and builds circulating water channels for 
teaching and research, you may contact them for information at;

Armfield Ltd
Bridge House, West Street
Ringwood, Hamshire

A. F. Aboulazm, 
Marine Institute, Memorial University