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Date:         Sat, 6 Sep 1997 15:58:35 GMT
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Jeff <> writes:

>Mike McDermott wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me/cite references on how to build a 'smoke'
>> generating wand to use in a model wind
>> tunnel to create smoke trails for flow visualisation?

>When I was in college, we had a strange little device for generating
>smoke in a very small toy of a tunnel.  It had a very small suction pump
>with a hose and piece of pipe just big enough around to stick a big fat
>cheap cigar in.

	While a good idea, for excellent smoke I recommend a mixture
of potassium nitrate (saltpeter, available at any druggist) and sugar,
mixed in a 60/40 mix respectively.  Heat over a low flame in a pan
of some sort, then peel it out and stuff into your smoke generator case.
A pound of this stuff will cover a square block with smoke and, as
I discovered, burns for quite a long time.

	As a side note, if the saltpeter concentration is too high it
will burn rather hot and melt aluminum containers.  Experiment a bit
to ensure the mix is right for your application.

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