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From:         Michael Heywood <mick@demon.comms.unsw.EDU.AU>
Organization: University of New South Wales
Date:         Fri, 5 Sep 1997 04:14:32 GMT
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On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Mike McDermott wrote:

> Can anyone tell me/cite references on how to build a 'smoke' 
> generating wand to use in a model wind
> tunnel to create smoke trails for flow visualisation?
> I have made a few attempts to vaporise kerosene, oil etc with 
> small electrical heaters
> in the ends of tubes but after some small fires etc I think I 
> need some expert advice. 
> Mike McDermott
I have been using a smoke generator as part of my undergraduate thesis.
It is an old british generator that vaporises oil at the end of a metal
probe.  At the tip of the probe is a small coil inside the nozzle, through
which I run about 15V dc.  The oil is pumped through by a dc peristaltic
pump.  The fires that you are experiencing are due to too much voltage
through your heater, or too little flow rate.  Also, the oil that the
generator uses is of a specific type, that -does- combust if you really
fry it, but not not with any great vigour.
	If you like I could dig out the specs on the oil type, althought
the thing is so old it might not be available. > 

Michael Heywood