Re: Smoke generator

From:         Jeff <>
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Date:         Fri, 5 Sep 1997 04:12:29 GMT
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Mike McDermott wrote:
> Can anyone tell me/cite references on how to build a 'smoke'
> generating wand to use in a model wind
> tunnel to create smoke trails for flow visualisation?
> I have made a few attempts to vaporise kerosene, oil etc with
> small electrical heaters
> in the ends of tubes but after some small fires etc I think I
> need some expert advice.
> Mike McDermott

When I was in college, we had a strange little device for generating
smoke in a very small toy of a tunnel.  It had a very small suction pump
with a hose and piece of pipe just big enough around to stick a big fat
cheap cigar in.  You lit up the cigar, stuck it in the pipe, and fired
up the pump.  I seem to remember the cigar lasting for quite a while. 
Sorry I don't have more details.