Re: Fuel Tank Safety

From:         "Kathy & Dan Lawler" <>
Organization: HookUp Communication Corporation, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Date:         Sat, 29 Mar 1997 06:31:20 GMT
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Somebody else had the same thought.  A homebuilt aircraft was built
with "Explosafe" in the fuel tanks.  When they examined the wreckage,
they found that it had wicked up water which resulted in an engine
failure and a fatal crash.

I believe "Explosafe" (compamy) is bankrupt and the product
("Explosafe") is no longer available.  (There may be similar products


Malcolm Hopkins <> wrote in article
> Some years ago I read an article about a product (of U.S.A. origin I
> think) called "EXPLOSAFE" that had a very impressive performance and
> took up a similar volume as the foam , if remember correctly.

> Explosafe was a like expanded aluminium sheet albeit extremely thin,
> it was folded back and forth to fill up a fuel tank (during
> construction). It was also able to be retrofitted to existing fuel
> tanks by cutting a suitable access hole. I believe it work through
> rapid heat dissipation therby making it near impossible to sustain
> combustion.