Re: B747SP simulators/training

From:         David Horn <>
Organization: FlightSafety International
Date:         Wed, 12 Mar 1997 05:13:48 GMT
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I am suprised that there is no -SP that can be found (so far).
There are a lot of simulators that have multiple configurations and 
software loadings. I recnetly completed a simulator "Change-out" as we 
call it of a Boeing 757 to a 767 which was shipped to Kunming China.
In your search, ask if the simulator has different configurations.
Our Louisville Kentucky airline training center is the only one of our 
divisions that has a 747. FlightSafety (SSD division) has never made a 
B747, all of the 747's were purchased from another simulator 
As for different -SP simulators, the only one is a Gulfstream GIV-SP
in operation at our Savannah training center. Wheather we could have made 
a "change-out" version of this one I am not sure. Usually demand dictates
when we make a single type simulator when it is possible to make a 
multiple version. Currently I am designing a Cessna Bravo/Ultra-B. It's 
pretty messy but it can be done.

I apologize for getting a little long winded, I am a new internet user.

David Horn
FlightSafety International
Simulation Systems Division
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