Microwave Landing System - Present Status?

From:         "JG.Campbell" <jg.campbell@ulst.ac.uk>
Organization: University of Ulster
Date:         Thu, 9 Jan 1997 05:26:15 GMT
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Back in 1976-77, when working for the Plessey Company, we did a lot of
simulation and feasibility work for the British CAA (Civil Aviation
Authority) on a standard for a microwave landing system. The US (FAA,
Bendix and Hazeltine) had proposed a time-reference scanning beam
system (TRSB) whilst CAA took the side of a Doppler scanning system
(proposed by a British company STL); eventually ICAO adopted the US

Does anyone know of the status of MLS? Waiting for the fog to clear
>From London-Heathrow a few weeks ago, the ICAO term
'all-weather-operations', which sadly it wasn't, returned to me. Also,
anyone know of the fate of Hazeltine & Bendix -- I assume swallowed up
in mergers?

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