Re: Propeller Blade Temperature

From: (Thundercraft)
Organization: UNIServe Online
Date:         Sun, 15 Dec 1996 06:36:15 GMT
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In article <>, says...
>We are simulating the infrared signature of a turboprop aircraft.
>Does anyone know what propeller blade temperatures might typically be,
>in flight?
I remember that the DC-3 had an anti-icing system for the propellers.  Also,
the de Havilland dash8 has sheilding on the fuselage to protect it from ice
being thrown from the props.  I believe that the dash 8 uses an anti-icing 

With these two thoughts in mind, I would say that the blade temperature would 
be pretty low.  Probably ambient temperature.  Remember, the bigger the prop, 
the slower they turn.  No heating up the surfaces from friction heating.