Re: Propeller Blade Temperature

From:         shahid siddiqi <>
Organization: as&m
Date:         Sun, 15 Dec 1996 06:35:57 GMT
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Don Woods wrote:
> We are simulating the infrared signature of a turboprop aircraft.
> Does anyone know what propeller blade temperatures might typically be,
> in flight?
> Thanks in advance,
> Don WoodsThe prop blade temps will be governed by the 
aerodynamic conditions and the method of de-ice 
Aerodynamic: Compression Heating of the leading 
edge are:
assume the tips are running at almost sonic speed 
gives a Tprop/Tatmosphere ratio= 1.2.
The rest of the prop blade leading edge as you go 
towards the hub will be cooler reaching Tatmosphere 
near the hub.
if done by hot air starts with air at 400F.
Hope this helps